Confirmation is a special church service in which a person confirms the promises that were made when they were baptized.
It's your chance to declare your faith for yourself!
If you were baptized or christened when you were a child, your parents and godparents made these promises on your behalf. As a young person or adult, you may be ready to affirm these promises for yourself and commit your life to following Jesus Christ.  At a confirmation service, you make these promises for yourself. 
It’s a great moment to acknowledge your faith in God, and receive  God’s Holy Spirit to give you the strength and commitment to live God’s way for the rest of your life.

What if I haven’t been baptized?

You will need to be baptized before you are confirmed.  If you were not baptized as a child and want to make a commitment of faith, you can be baptized and confirmed in the same service, or baptized at a separate service shortly before your confirmation.
Do get in touch to talk this through with us, and take a look at our Baptism for Adults page.

Useful Information for Confirmation

If you’d like to think this through further, the Church of England has a page dedicated to
Confirmation which has lots of useful information: ChurchofEnglandConfirmation

Next Steps

If you’d like to have a conversation with us about this, then please do get in touch, as we'll be
delighted to talk about it with you, or come along to church for a service and introduce yourself.
You can contact us using our enquiry form, or call the church office to speak to us directly.