Welcome to Holme Wood

Holme Wood is a large estate on the outer edge of Bradford, and has been home to many people since it was built in the 1950s. The community has a strong sense of identity, and in the midst of that we seek to show God’s love.
At St Christopher’s we seek to welcome all people through our doors.
As well as Sunday worship, St Christopher's is a base for some amazing community projects - Good Neighbours  and The Family Centre - which seek to serve the local community and express the love of God in practical and tangible ways.
Do take a look at the boxes below to find out more of what is happening in Holme Wood!

About St Christopher's Church

St Christopher's is a wonderfully large church building with a church halls and other rooms that makes the space really flexible to use for worship!
We currently have 2 congregations that meet every Sunday morning:
    • Encounter - our traditional and more formal congregation, with weekly Holy Communion services
    • Connect - our informal all-age service congregation, who meet every other week in some form.
Please see our Worship page for more information.


Our Community Projects

The Good Neighbour Project  is a voluntary community project that runs various activities to help improve the lives of local people. These activities include: a Day Care Centre for over 50’s, a Community Café, a Breakfast Café, a Fruit and Vegetable Market, Line Dancing plus a range of Health & Wellbeing Activities for over 50’s. 
For information on what the project does and why, visit their website: St Christopher's Good Neighbour Project.

The Family Centre  is a community project that provides a range of activities and opportunities for parents and children aged 0 – 18, and young adults up to the age of 25. "St Christopher’s Family Centre wants to give children the best possible start in life, supporting their parents on their journey and create a safe place for young people. We aim to meet people’s needs in Holme Wood, whatever they might be." 
For information on what the project does and why, visit their website: St Christopher's Family Centre.

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