Our churchyard at St James' welcomes you to come and sit in peace or wander with curiosity.
Early in 2004 the church began a vision to create a spiritual journey around the churchyard at St James. The result is a beautiful and spiritual 'journey' around the churchyard, following a Celtic style 'Caim' circle of prayer. 
St James' Church was founded sometime before 900AD, a period still strongly influence by Celtic spirituality.
The 'Caim' prayer circle encourages us to see and feel God's love and goodness all around us, enabling us to be protected against all forms of evil and harm. 
As you wander around the churchyard, you will see a number of stations to pause and pray. Each station has a bench enscribed with a bible verse, and a circle of stones sunk in the ground enscribed with a verse of Caim prayer. 
You can pick up a leaflet describing more from St James' Church, or download it here.
We hope as you journey round the churchyard, you experience the peace and protection of God.
Pause at each station and allow the words and prayers to surround and uphold you.
We pray that God blesses you as you journey.


Download "The Churchyard Spiritual Journey" leaflet here.