Worship in the Parish

We have three churches in the parish, and each one is slightly different to the others!
St James' Church in Tong Village, St Christopher's Church on the Holmewood Estate, and St Mary's Church in Laisterdyke. Whilst we have quite a wide range of diversity across the churches, there is a common thread of support and love between the churches which is a strength.
You are welcome to visit any of the churches, regardless of which part of the parish you live in, or indeed from outside the parish!
All three churches are embedded within their local communities and this gives us a great opportunity to share about Jesus, as the one who motivates us to show love and care to all.
We do not always get this right but we look to the future with hope and prayer!
Please take a look at the pages for each church for more information on what worship looks like on Sundays and through the week.

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