St James

St James' Church is a beautiful place to worship, and we welcome all people to come and join us as we meet with God!
We hold Sunday Services at St James every week at 9.30am, and follow a varying pattern of worship through the month, see below for details.
The music is either from a piano or from digital sources, and is a mixture of traditional hymns, more modern worship songs and all-age songs.
Take a look below for the details of each service. 


1st Sunday: Holy Communion Service - 9.30am

This is our monthly Holy Communion service, with hymns, a sermon and a time of prayer.
We welcome anyone to Holy Communion who has a practice of receiving it in their own church, and for those who prefer we can pray a prayer of God’s blessing for you.
Children’s activity and colouring sheets are available at this service.

2nd & 3rd Sundays: Morning Worship Service - 9.30am

A reflective service with songs, hymns and a sermon.
This is a more liturgical service that gives quiet space for God as well as singing and thinking.
Children’s activity and colouring sheets are available at this service.

4th Sunday: Big Bible Breakfast - 9.30am

Big Bible Breakfast is our family friend gathering, which offers a relaxed and fun atmosphere for parents with young children to come to.
Held in Tong Village School Room, the village hall just down the road from the church, we have a Bible story, some craft activities based around the story, and tea and toast for our young ones to have some breakfast.
We love to welcome people, and it's a great place to come and meet other families for those who are thinking about baptism or christening their child.
Big Bible Breakfast comes up to St James’ Church for special occasions, such as Harvest Festival, Christmas and Easter time. The Palm Sunday parade complete with a donkey is always great fun!

4th Sunday: Evening Prayer - 4pm

A quiet service of evening prayer, this gives the space on a Sunday afternoon to come and meet with God.
All are welcome.


5th Sunday: Altogether at 11am

On the months with a 5th Sunday, we join with the other churches in the parish for a United Parish Service . This is held at St Christopher's Church , as our biggest church building.
We believe it is important to gather together a parish on occasion, as it reminds us that we are together the family of God, and gives an opportunity to worship and celebrate with each other.

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