St Mary's

Come and join us at St Mary’s as we gather as a church family and together learn to follow Jesus!
We have an informal style with simple liturgy and space for worship and prayer. Visuals are regularly used in worship, and music is provided by a pianist or digital music, drawing upon many of the new hymns and worship songs emerging in contemporary charismatic worship, as well as traditional hymns.
We hold Sunday Services at St Mary’s every week at 11.15am, and follow a varying pattern of worship through the month. We also run a monthly Messy Church for families, which engages many of the families that attend activities at Primetime at the Vine.
Take a look below for the details of each service. All our Sunday services are at 11.15am.

1st Sunday: Holy Communion Service - 9.30am

This is our monthly Holy Communion service, with hymns, a sermon and a time of prayer.
We welcome anyone to Holy Communion who has a practice of receiving it in their own church, and for those who prefer we can pray a prayer of God’s blessing for you.
Children’s activity and colouring sheets are available at this service.

2nd Sunday: Café Church

Cafe Church is a Prayer and Praise style service, where we welcome a local worship band who sing and lead us in worship.
It's a great chance to spend more time singing and listening as the music draws us to God. 
We sit around tables during the service, with teas, coffes and cakes provided, and have a chance to chat with those near us.

3rd & 4th Sundays: Morning Worship Service

A reflective service with songs, hymns and a sermon.
This service gives quiet space for God, as well as singing and thinking.
Children’s activity and colouring sheets are available at this service.

5th Sunday: Altogether at 11am

On the months with a 5th Sunday, we join with the other churches in the parish for a United Parish Service . This is held at St Christopher's Church , as our biggest church building.
We believe it is important to gather together a parish on occasion, as it reminds us that we are together the family of God, and gives an opportunity to worship and celebrate with each other.

Pop-Up Church

St Mary’s runs a monthly Pop-Up Church - a family event that is an interactive way of engaging with church for adults and children.
Starting at 3.30pm on the first Tuesday each month, parents and children get stuck into games and activities themed around a Bible story.
We listen to the Bible story, often via short videos and explore a little bit about the story and God. A pack-up tea is offered as part of Pop-Up Church, and we finish about 5pm.
Please do get in touch with us if you'd like more information.

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